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Natural, Botanical and Organic Skincare: What Are The Differences?

Natural, Botanical and Organic Skincare: What Are The Differences?

Want to learn more about natural skincare? Wondering what the differences are between natural skincare, botanical skincare and organic skincare? Want to find the best natural skincare products for you? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover a little more about this growing skincare trend, and discover the true power of natural skincare.

What is Natural Skincare?

Consider yourself a clean beauty junkie? We’re getting clued up on all things natural skincare. Natural skincare is all about harnessing the power of natural ingredients to help nurture and nourish your skin. Forget chemical additives, SLS, artificial fragrances and sulfates, natural skincare means only using the best of the best, and at Elemental Herbology we use ethically sourced ingredients to create the best possible natural skincare

Think luscious botanical extracts, potent antioxidants, and nourishing oils to help unlock your best skin. From soothing aloe vera to rejuvenating green tea, these natural wonders work wonders for your complexion, leaving it looking fresh, radiant, and oh-so-dreamy. So whether you're a skincare newbie or a seasoned pro, the clean beauty movement and natural skincare products ensure your skin and the environment are looked after. 

What Makes a Skincare Product Natural?

As experts we know what makes a skincare product natural, and how to discern between natural skincare products. A natural skincare product is one which doesn’t contain synthetics or harsh chemicals. All natural skincare has to have ingredients in to stablise formulations and make them last, but we recommend checking product labels to ditching products which contain chemical ingredients like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde, triclosan, and oxybenzone. This means you can nail your natural skincare routine with products that will actually make a difference. 

What Natural Skincare Products are Best For Me?

At Elemental Herbology we made natural skincare products and natural bodycare products which are inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal & water. Our Natural skincare products for oil skin include rich clay masks, and effective treatment oils in our fire element range. The water element range contains natural skincare products for people with dry or sensitive skin. The earth range contains the best natural skincare products to help tackle hyper-pigmentation and uncover your glow. The metal element range is an ideal range of natural skincare products for more mature skin. The wood element products are ideal natural skincare products for anyone with combination skin. Discover  our range of natural skincare products today to help you uncover your healthiest, happiest skin. 

What is Botanical Skincare?

Botanical Skincare
So, what is botanical skincare? If you’re wondering ‘what is botanical skincare’, you’re in the right place… botanical skincare can be defined as products which use ingredients derived from plants. Botanical skincare therefore is a subsection of natural skincare. Our botanical skincare products include best-selling botanical skincare cleanser, award-winning moisturisers, luxurious serums, and effective natural exfoliators. Some of our favorite botanical skincare ingredients include neroli, lavender, rose, grapefruit, orange, aloe vera and more… our botanical skincare products are bursting with botanical actives, just waiting to help you achieve your best-ever skin, naturally!

What Makes A Skincare Product Botanical? 

A skincare product can be considered botanical if it has a high percentage of plant-based ingredients. This means that botanical skincare can often also be referred to as plant-based skincare, and in some cases vegan skincare. Botanical skincare products tend to be free-from synthetics, artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals.

Botanical Skincare Products 

Looking for the best botanical skincare products? All of our award-winning skincare contains botanical actives, meaning every product form Elemental Herbologyis botanical skincare. We also have a beautiful range of botanical bodycare, formulated with key natural ingredients like hemp, chia seeds, aloe vera, zesty citrus fruits and more. Discover our botanical bodycare today. 

What is Organic Skincare 

Wondering ‘what is organic skincare’? We’ve got the answers for you. Organic skincare is when the natural ingredients in products are grown without using harmful pesticides. This means that organic skincare is arguably the best skincare for the environment, meaning we can all do our bit by switching to organic skincare today. These harsh chemical fertilisers can also have a negative effect on your skin and can cause breakouts, skin conditions and can speed-up the aging process. This means that switching to organic skincare is the best thing for both your skin and for the planet. 

What Makes a Skincare Product Organic?

What makes a skincare product organic depends on its base ingredients and how these are farmed. At Elemental Herbology we thrive in creating organic skincare products by ensuring our ingredients are grown without chemical fertilisers. We also do our bit to enrich our organic skincare future by ensuring all ingredients are ethically sourced, and we work with local partners where we can in order to reduce our air miles and further do our bit in creating the best possible organic skincare. 

What Organic Skincare Products Are Best For Me? 

Looking for the best organic skincare products. Here at Elemental Herbology, we have a whole range of organic skincare: think locally sourced Cornish Clay in our face masks, and English wildflower Honey in our cleansers. This beautiful organic skincare products are perfect for any skin type - from oily, to sensitive skin. Discover our range of organic skincare today to help you discover your best ever skin.