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5 Tips For Self-Love This Month

5 Tips For Self-LOVE This Month

Februrary…the month of love. If you’re a hopeless romantic who loves all things red roses and heart-shaped chocolates, or if you are looking for new, unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day this month, we’re discussing all top tips for self-love in this blog post to help us get into the V-Day mood. We know that the most relationship that we have is with ourselves, so nurturing and loving our body, mind and soul is fundamental to self-care and self-love. That’s why this Valentine’s Day we’re going to focus on some top tips for self-love and self-care. Scroll to see our 5 top tips for self-LOVE this month. 

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LOVE Your Body 

We get it… social media onslaught of celebrity award ceremonies, magazine covers, constant advertising for diet and weight loss… it’s fair to say our society is body-obsessed. But (thankfully), this rhetoric seems to slowly, but surely this seems to be changing. Loving your body isn’t always easy, and many of us constantly seem to be striving for unrealistic ideals, but we want to encourage you to zone in on the positives about your body: what it does for you, how it serves you, how it’s your home. A tip for self-love is to try talking kindly to yourself this month, and leaning into body positivity, or body neutrality to help you appreciate what your body does, rather than what it looks like.


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Nurture Your Mind 

With a busy schedule, and on-the-go culture it’s easy to get swept into fast-paced living. A key tip for self-love is to slow it down this month. To take the time to nurture your mind and really connect in with your own thoughts, feeling and needs. Science has found that simple wellness practices such as journaling, in some cases, can be as effective as talking therapy. Try to create some mental space and clarity this month by factoring in some time in your daily routine for journaling, breathwork, or mindful movement. 

Connect With Your Inner Child 

In the journey of self-love it’s important to stay true to yourself. Your ‘inner-child’ is the simpler side of your personality, the person inside you who delights in sunny mornings, bright colours, or a delicious slice of cake! ‘Child-like wonder’ is a phrase we hear a lot, but isn’t something we always lean into. Top self-love tips include indulging your inner child and looking out for the simple joys in everyday life in order to help connect with yourself and the transient, happy things in your surroundings. This will help you have more gratitude and to see beauty in day-to-day things.

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Be Disciplined

You probably know this already, but motivation comes and goes. What really serves you in the long-term is discipline. This can be practices in even the most simple day-to-day steps - the time you go to sleep, prioritising your morning walk, eating at regular intervals… these things sound simple, but ensuring that you fulfil your basic and emotional daily leads is a simple way to show yourself some love this month, and continue to make yourself a priority. 


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Speak Kindly 

One of our favourite self-love tips is to speak kindly to yourself. Do you often find you beat yourself up, tell yourself you can’t do something, or have negative emotions towards how you handle situations or relationships? It’s human nature to have doubt, but the way that we talk to ourselves is fundamental to how we feel about ourselves and our relationship with yourself. In order to incorporate a bit more self love this month, try speaking kidney to yourself. Think, ‘would I say this to my friend, or child?’ Or ‘what’s the best advice I would give in this situation if it wasn’t me?’ Grounding yourself in positive self talk, affirmations and practicing kindness towards yourself means you’ll become less harsh on yourself.