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The Benefits of Neroli Oil for Your Hair

The Benefits of Neroli Oil for Your Hair

Wondering what is Neroli Oil? Neroli Oil benefits? How to use Neroli Oil on your hair? And where does Neroli come from? You’re in the right place. Scroll to discover these expert top tips of all things Neroli Oil.

What is Neroli Oil?

Wondering ‘what is neroli oil’? Neroli oil is an essential oil produced from the blossom of bitter orange trees. Neroli Oil has a sweet, refreshing scent and has been found to have a range of benefits, specifically using neroli oil for hair. 

Neroli Oil Benefits

Now we’re clued up on what is Neroli Oil, we want to take some time to discuss what are some of the benefits of Neroli Oil

Neroli Oil Benefits #1: Neroli Oil For Split Ends 

One of the key Neroli Oil Benefits is for split ends. When our hair is exposed to heat or harsh chemicals it can split and become damaged. Try using Neroli Oil for the hair to help soothe split ends with rich essential oils. Our Neroli Oil & Bergamot Shampoo is perfect to help you discover the benefits of Neroli Oil for hair. This natural shampoo contains a high percentage of Neroli Oil. To further discover Neroli oil benefits, follow up with our Neroli & Bergamot Conditioner to nourish the hair and help smoothness and shine. 

Benefits of neroli for hair

Neroli Oil Benefits #2: Neroli Oil for Coloured Hair

Coloured hair can easily become dry and damaged, and the harsh chemicals of most dyes means your hair may need a little helping hand. Discover the benefits of Neroli oil for hair by using Neroli Oil to help restore the hair to its natural state.

Neroli Oil Benefits: #3 Neroli for Smooth hair

Feel like you are always battling the frizz? Neroli oil benefits for the hair include helping to penetrate and smooth the hair cuticle, helping you discover silky soft, smooth tresses.

Where Does Neroli Oil Come From?

Wondering where does Neroli Oil come from? Neroli oil is extracted from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. Neroli Oil is extracted by steam distillation. Neroli Oil is sourced in warmer climates such as Egypt and Tunisia. To ensure that our Neroli Oil products contain the highest-possible quality of Neroli Oil, we make sure to source all Neroli Oil ethically, and make all our Neroli Oil products here in the UK.

Want To Discover the Best Neroli Products?

We just love Neroli. The benefits of Neroli Oil for the hair, as well as for the body and mind means it’s a must-have in our daily selfcare ritual. Discover our Neroli Oil & Bergamot Shampoo, Neroli Oil & Bergamot Conditioner to uncover the benefits of Neroli Oil for the hair. Or shop our Neroli Oil Hand & Body Wash or Neroli Oil & Rose Hand & Body Cream to try some of the best Neroli Oil products out there. If you love the smell of Neroli Oil, try our diffusers, such as our Soothe Reed Diffuser and our Zest Reed Diffuser which contains essential oils like Neroli Oil to help make your house smell amazing.