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Quarantine Diaries- The Amber Rooms

During these strange and unprecedented times, our working lives have all changed somewhat. Whether you're working from home, working longer and harder as a key worker, or navigating new ways to keep your business operating, we want to hear how you're keeping sane!
Today, we're checking in with one of our Salon Partners, The Amber Rooms, to find out how they're navigating the 'new normal'.

What is your name?


Where do you live?

A beautiful little seaside town on the North Yorkshire Coast called Saltburn-by-the-Sea

What is your job role?

Salon Supervisor at The Amber Rooms, Saltburn 

How has quarantine affected your work? 

The salon is of course closed for now, which means we can’t see all our gorgeous clients and spread the love. Covid-19 can close the salons, but it can’t close our minds and creativity- so I’m keeping the brain cells active by planning for the year ahead, new incentives and new pamper packages. The therapists are doing lots of online training for their personal development. We’re a little work family and we keep in touch, keeping each other motivated and bouncing ideas off each other.

How has quarantine affected your daily routine?

In many aspects, some things have stayed the same- we have two sons (a teenager and a 5 yr old) so each day is still filled with endless food requests, continuous washing up and general nagging (from us all)- it’s just we don’t get the regular joy of waving them off at the school gates! The biggest upheaval in routine is not being able to go to work and do all the ‘normal’ lovely things we do at the salon. The Amber Rooms is such a positive an uplifting place to work and I really miss that... 

What’s the biggest challenge you have faced? 

Getting a 5 year old to sit still long enough to do five mins of home schooling! And dragging the teenager out for a walk! 

What are you doing to keep yourself feeling positive? 

Without sounding too contrived- I’ve been immersing myself in Elemental Herbology products! I'm testing out products that I don’t normally use, and I'm really embracing having the time to enjoy them. My current favourites are the Water Soothe Candle and my Rose Quartz facial roller. I'm also focusing on the time of year. I love spring; buds on trees and everything starting to bloom- I love the feeling of hope it brings! I’m the WOOD element through and through! 

What are you missing most about normal life?

Freedom to do and go as I please, work and all the fun we have... And the schools being open.

What is one positive to come out of quarantine life? 

Being able to slow the pace of life down a little. Hubby and I both work full time and although we love our jobs, we are appreciating the extra family time- we may never get this amount of time at home together again.

What is the first thing you’ll do once normal life resumes? 

Drop the kids with the grandparents, book in for Dermaplaning with one of our therapists, then open the doors of The Amber Rooms again! We can’t wait...

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