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Quarantine Diaries- Ewa Pietreniuk, @socialbeautify

Today on Quarantine Diaries, we're checking in with Ewa Pietreniuk- blogger, social media influencer and brand consultant who we have loved following over the years. As somebody who primarily works from home for a living, we wanted to find out more about how the social restrictions have affected Ewa's work and lifestyle.

What’s your name?

Ewa Pietreniuk

What’s your job title?

Well, I’m a blogger at Socialbeautify but I also have my consulting business. I help entrepreneurs use LinkedIn to grow their personal brand and business.

Where do you live?

I live in London.

How has quarantine affected your daily routine?

I have become a lot more focused on my exercises. I used to run three times a week. Since I'm sat at home all the time with zero travel, I had to make changes. I introduced new workout routines because I know I can't be running every day and I wanted to maintain a similar level of exercises to what I'd do before lockdown.

I'm all over habits and routines, but I find it hard to switch off in the evening so I created a designated space to work and relax. I also used senses to help me unwind. I would use candles and jump into cosy clothes.

How has quarantine affected your work?

The blog work as such wasn’t affected too much. I still can create content but of course, we don’t have any public press events etc.

I had to make a huge shift when it comes to the consulting side of things. I used to run regular events at the British Library and City Business Library. We had to cancel them all, so I focused all my energy to move my courses online.

Because I was spending my days in front of my laptop and working very hard, the downtime in the evening was crucial.

What’s the biggest challenge you have faced?

Both emotional and financial. I spend the quarantine alone. Well, I still am. I worried about the people I love and couldn't help them. At times it felt lonely too, even though I like my company.

I also had to put my business hat on before it all kicked off. I freelance and some of my clients cut projects due to the lockdown, so it had a knock-on effect on me. I had to make fast decisions to make changes to my personal life as a result.

What are you doing to keep yourself feeling positive?

Journal. I always do this and now it was even more important. I only read news from reputable sides, which I knew would be fact-based. This was the best things I've done right at the start to stop the anxiety.

When I felt down and or when I was struggling, I would turn to a couple of my first row people for support. I also focused on things I could control. There was plenty of work to do in my business. I’ve been extra busy moving my most popular LinkedIn workshop online and updating my course.

I also tried to show up on my social media as much as possible for my followers to help or entertain them. I am a glass half full person so it definitely helped.

What are you missing the most about normal life?

People. I miss being able to see and cuddle a few people I love. Also, I haven’t seen my partner for months and months as they live abroad. I have no idea when I will have a chance to see them now.

What is one positive that has come out of the quarantine?

I become closer to a handful of people. I learned new exercises I love. I learned a lot of new skills.

What is the first thing you will do once normal life resumes?

I don’t know. It'll be arrogant to think I have control over what I can do next. My priority is to see and hug all those I love, but I know it might not be the first thing I can do when normal life resumes.

You can follow Ewa on Instagram @socialbeautify and learn more about her blog and consultancy at