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Natural Skincare Trends of 2024 So Far

Bit of a natural beauty buff? With the first few months of 2024 already underway, and the start of the springtime, we’re taking a moment to catch up on the natural skincare trends of 2024 so far. Think the best natural skincare products, organic skincare trends, and clean beauty product recommendations, scroll below to see what’s going on in the world of natural skincare this year. 

Clean skincare trends 2024

Natural Skincare Trends of 2024: The Organic Skincare Trend 

This one isn’t new… we admit. However the demand for organic skincare is one that continues to rise, and it’s not going anywhere soon. Organic skincare trends involve brands educating consumers on what ingredients are in organic skincare products, where these are sourced, and how they are grown in order to exclude chemical fertilizers, and do their bit for the environment. Ready to discover organic skincare? We have a whole range of organic skincare products including luxurious cleansers, including our award-winning Vital Cleanse and our luxurious organic Cleansing Balm, Organic Moisturisers, like our Cell Plumping Moisturiser, and Perfect Balance Moisturiser, hard-working organic facial serums - try our Perfect Balance Probiotic Serum, as well as organic body products, discover our best-selling Muscle Melt Balm, or our organic hand & body products.

Natural Skincare Trends of 2024: Microbiome-Friendly Products 

Gut health made headlines in 2022 and 2023, but now natural skincare trends of 2024 are shifting towards biome-balance products for the skin. This natural ingredients which nurture the skin barrier, helping to strengthen the skin and improve the skin’s health. If you want to keep up with the latest natural skincare trends of 2024, we recommended shopping our Perfect Balance Probiotic Serum and Perfect Balance Moisturiser, for the ultimate biome-balancing duo. 

clean skincare trends 2024

Natural Skincare Trends of 2024: Customisable Skincare 

Another big emerging trend of the past few years has been customisable and personalised skincare as people are looking for more unique natural skincare products and organic skincare products to help target their skin concerns. At Elemental Herbology, we create natural skincare that is seasonal, personalised and luxurious. All of our treatments begin with our Five Element Face and Body Profile to help suggest the best personalised treatments and natural skincare products to help you achieve your healthiest, happiest skin. Discover your element today to unlock our world of personalised natural skincare. 

Natural Skincare Trends of 2024: Close To Home 

More and more people are searching for brands and natural products that reduce air miles and carbon footprints in order to do their bit for the environment. One natural skincare trend of 2024 is products that are made locally. At Elemental Herbology, we’re a British Brand, creating, storing and sending our products from here in the UK. Discover our award winning natural skin care and botanical body care today to help support a British brand and be up with the natural skincare trends of 2024. 

natural skincare trends 2024

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