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Menopause, Your Skin & Your Hair: Our Top Tips For Self Care

Menopause marks a period when our oestrogen and progesterone levels naturally drop which have a variety of impacts on our bodies, minds, skin and hair. If you’re looking for ways to support yourself, a friend, or a loved one throughout menopause, Elemental Herbology have teamed up with hair experts, Hair Gain Now to provide you with advice and self-care tips to help nurture your skin and hair.

Menopause & Your Skin:

  • Reduction in oestrogen can leave skin dry and irritated.
  • Reduction in oestrogen also increases the reduction in collagen which contributes to fine lines and wrinkles. Women lose up to 30% of their collagen in the first 5 years of menopause.
  • Hot flashes can increase skin’s sensitivity and may lead to hormonal breakouts.

Menopause & Your Skin: The Solutions:

Throughout changes, it’s vital that you find a self-care routine to ground you in your sense of self while serving your wellbeing needs. To help you take a moment for yourself and help support your skin body and mind through these changes we’ve got a few top tips to help you through.

  1. Hydration Stations: dry and irritated skin can be combated through intense hydration. Pay special attention to your morning and evening skincare routine, adding in products with natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and B vitamins can help boost and retain hydration in the skin, reducing irritation and the look and feel of dry and itchy skin.

  1. Collagen Boost: collagen is produced naturally in our bodies but this slows down with age. Reactivate your collagen production with plumping moisturisers and super-charged serums packed with natural botanicals to help plump, hydrate and firm skin while increasing your natural collagen production.
  1. Keep it cool: keep your skin as cool as possible before, during, and after hot flashes. Our brand-new Pause & Renew Mask has a refreshing gel-texture which can be smoothed on to skin to help cool and calm irritation while providing hydration.

The Go-To menopause Skincare Routine

  1. Five Elements Cleansing Balm: remove all traces of SPF, pollution and makeup with this luxurious vegan cleansing balm which is gentle yet effective on skin and can be used morning and night.
  1. Pause & Renew Mask: our brand-new cooling gel mask, formulated with a powerful blend of adaptogens, vitamins and antioxidants. Use overnight or as a treatment mask.
  1. Cell Active Matrix Serum: packed with botanical actives, this natural serum targets fine lines and wrinkles thanks to innovative ingredient technology. Smooth on day and night for hydrated, plumped and youthful skin.
  2. Cell Active Moisturiser: complete your routine with this nourishing moisturiser to boost collagen production and help repair the skin barrier.

Menopause & Hair Loss

Did you know that 81% of women suffer with some form of hair loss or thinning during the peri-menopause and menopause?

This period in women's lives can be a time of immense hormonal fluctuations, so it's no surprise that it will have an impact on your hair, skin and nails. Excessive, prolonged or under secretion of hormones can directly affect the health of the dermis: the site of dermal papilla where blood vessels nourish your hair follicle. 

What can you do?

Try to eat nutritious foods to ensure your body has everything it needs to regulate itself properly. This can help us combat hair thinning and loss associated with peri and menopause.

Water plays a key role in your hair’s health too as it makes up approximately 55% of your total blood volume, which is the key fluid for nourished hair; it is also required for your hair follicles to grow optimally as new proteins can only occur in the presence of well-hydrated cells. So, to stay well-hydrated aim to drink at least two litres of water daily. It will help fight hair thinning and loss. 

In addition, keep a check on exactly how much tea and coffee you’re drinking as both act as a diuretic and drinking more than three cups a day could be more dehydrating than hydrating. 

Hair Care Routine for Menopause

 Optimise your hair care routine during peri & menopause by:

  • Taking a hair supplement that features a blend of key hair vitamins, minerals and botanicals to ensure you are feeding your follicles
  • Use a wide tooth comb rather than a brush
  • Stimulate blood flow to your scalp and treat yourself to a head massage regularly, you can do this at home with a scalp massager
  • Use a hydrating hair mask to lock in moisture once a week
  • Use a targeted leave in treatment like the Hair Gain Scalp Foam to stimulate hair growth and nourish the scalp

We are huge fans of the vegan Hair Gain hair care range which includes scientifically formulated hair gummies and biotin hair capsules and award-winning topical treatments including a gorgeous pea green hair mask which will add shine and vitality to your hair in an instant. A non-aerosol dry shampoo which absorbs oil and grease and cares for your hair in between washes plus their hero hair growth foam - a targeted water based (so no oily or greasy residue) hair and scalp leave in treatment which is proven to reduce hair shed and breakage by 60% from the very first use! Check out their website and Instagram to see amazing before and after pictures and read the hundreds of 5 star reviews from happy customers who have restored their hair and confidence with Hair Gain.