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#DiscoverYourElement- The Water Element

Wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Ancient Chinese philosophy tells us that everything in life is composed of and influenced by these five different elements. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the water element.

As the nights draw in and the air turns cooler, we welcome the water element- a time for embracing peace, solitude and self-care. The element of winter, water is a time for rest and repair.

Those with water personalities are intuitive and empathetic. They are very flexible, go with the flow, and are often intelligent and creative. Although they are great thinkers, they can often withdraw from the world and worry at times. Restless sleep is often a common concern for those in the water element.

Water aligns with our Moisture Replenish skincare range, which is formulated for dry and/or sensitive skins- typical of those in the water element. It soothes and restores parched skin, bathing it in much-needed moisture.

The newest addition to the Mositure Replenish Range, the Water Soothe Facial Oil is a calming and soothing facial treatment combining an expert blend of 14 plant and essential oils, including Chamomile, Rose Damask and Rosehip Oil to deeply hydrate, reduce sensitivity and help to prevent early signs of ageing.

In need of a peaceful night's sleep? Water Soothe Bath & Body Oil is perfect for times when you need to destress, unwind and switch off.

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