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5 ways to improve your skincare routine this Autumn

September brings the beginning of Autumn; an opportunity for new beginnings and a mental re-set before we fast approach the busy festive period. At Elemental Herbology, our skincare and bodycare is based around the Five Element Theory from Traditional Medicine- an ethos that says the five elements influence who we are, what we feel, and they can be affected by many different factors such as our lifestyle, diet, stress levels, routine and the seasons.

Just as your diet and clothes change with the seasons, it's important to re-visit your skincare and bodycare routine and switch things up to get the best results. 

Autumn is ruled by the metal element, a time for boosting reserves and forward planning. Those that are predominantly a metal character are natural born planners- organised and focused. Not sure which element you're most aligned to? You can check by taking our Discover Your Element quiz.

Metal aligns with our Longevity skincare range. With naturally restorative and high-performance actives such as peptides, AHA’s and blue-green algae, the range helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost elasticity and give skin longevity- making it the perfect range to see you through the Autumn period, as the weather becomes cooler and life gets busier.

Five ways to improve your skincare routine this Autumn
1. Step up your cleanser

As skin becomes dryer during the Autumn period, it's important to step up your cleansing routine. Try switching out your facial washes and gels for a more nourishing cleanse, like Bio-Cellular Super Cleanse. With an AHA complex and Vitamin C, this cream cleanser helps to exfoliate and brighten dry, dull skin.

2. Boost your skins defences

As the weather gets harsher and we turn our central heating on for the first time, we need to ensure we protect and strengthen our skins defences. Try adding Cell Active Matrix Serum into your routine. Applied morning and evening after cleansing, this advanced daily serum contains niacinimide, hyaluronic acid and skin-boosting botanicals to help soften lines and wrinkles, increase hydration and improve skin tone.


3. Add an eye cream

If you're not already doing so, adding an eye cream into your routine is a great way to step things up a gear for the colder months ahead. With patented ingredients, our Eye Elixir Eye Cream fights all three main eye area concerns- darkness, puffiness and fine lines. Apply a small amount of product to the orbital bone using your ring finger to make sure you're not pulling the skin.

4. Hydration, hydration, hydration

Make sure your moisturiser is working as hard as you are during this busy time! You might need something a little richer and more hydrating than you used during the summer months. Cell Active Rejuvenation Moisturiser is packed with hyaluronic acid- the holy grail when it comes to hydration. Paired with patented actives to firm and lift, it's sure to see you through whatever the next few months throw at you.

5. Re-focus the mind

Don't forget to take some time out to re-focus the mind and de-stress the body. Our Metal Detox Bath & Body Oil is perfect for the times when you need to chase away sluggishness and clarify the mind. With clarifying oils of rosemary, grapefruit and juniper berry, just add a couple of pumps to a warm bath, or apply directly to the body whenever you need a mental break.

We hope you embrace and conquer everything that comes your way this Autumn. Shop the full Metal Collection here.