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6 Tips For a Calm & Harmonious Christmas

6 Tips For a Calm & Harmonious Christmas

We love Christmas, don’t get us wrong, but we understand that for everyone it’s not always the ‘most wonderful time of the year’. For some people, it’s been a hard year, and no matter what is going on in your personal life, or in the world as a whole, Elemental Herbology is all about helping people be their best self through products, practices and lifestyle choices that enrich your mind, body & soul.

Scroll to see our top tips to help manage stress, and stay calm this festive season. 

How To Have A Calm Christmas

1. Abandon Expectations 

Christmas films, social media, and external pressure can sometimes make it seem like we need to have the ‘perfect’ Christmas - the tree, the presents, the matching pajamas, and the wonderful food. We’re all increasingly used to seeing this airbrushed version of reality, which, let’s face it, is not always the case. Lower your own expectations and ground yourself in the little things that matter. Embrace the imperfectly perfect things that you love, and dig in to what the holidays really mean to you. By abandoning expectations you are able to embrace the seasons or all that it brings, and take pressure off yourself and others. 

2. Practice Self Care 

The festive season can mean a change in routine, and the parties, late nights, and long ‘to-do lists’ can mean our own self-care can slip. Whatever your daily rituals are - your morning walk, 8 hours of sleep, bedtime skincare routine - make sure to maintain them and make some time for yourself this festive season.

How To Have a Calm Christmas

3. Set Your Boundaries 

Eeek did the word ‘boundaries’ just make you shudder… we get it. Nonetheless, setting and communicating your boundaries around conversations, activities, or traditions that may make you or others feel uncomfortable means you can help retain a sense of calmness and harmony this year. For some of us, Christmas is a truly joyful time, but for others, it may lead to awkward situations or difficult conversations. Creating reasonable boundaries, and sticking to them is one of the best ways to reduce stress and retain your sense of self among the festivities.

4. Get Gift-Ready 

There’s nothing worse than the last minute rush. Make your gifting list, and try shop early to avoid last minute stress and over spending. If you need a helping hand, try checking our our Gifts for Him, Gifts For Her, or our best-selling Christmas gift sets.

How To Have A Calm Christmas

5. Get Outside 

The winter weather can be less than inviting, but factoring in time to enjoy a little of the outdoors can be massively beneficial for both your mind and body. When we eat a little more during the festive season, it can be easy to feel sluggish or bloated, a 20 minute walk before and/or after food can help aid digestion and has been scientifically proven to reduce glucose spikes, meaning you have more energy later on in the day. Equally, movement has huge benefits for our mental health, helping to reduce stress and anxiety by reducing the stress hormone - cortisol.

6. New Year Does Not have To Mean New You...

#newyearnewme we've all heard it 1000s of times... but what does this actually mean? In most cases, not really that much. So many of us can get swept up into setting crazy self improvement goals which put pressure on us as individuals and make us feel like we are not already good enough. Go beyond resolutions, and think of little rituals and small habits that will help make daily life 1% better. A year of 1%s adds up and we encorage people to dig in to what is wonderful about themselves, and how they can further enrich this, rather than encouraging people to think that the 'old me' isn't good enough and needs changing. 

How To Have a Calm Christmas

We hope that these little reminders help serve you this Festive Season, and wish all our our EH community the very best for the holiday season, and the New Year ahead.

With Love,

Team EH x