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Signature Treatment Selection

The below treatments incorporate scrub and body wraps, massages and facials for an unforgettable Elemental Herbology experience.

Sun Salutation

90 minutes

This ritual begins with an exfoliation using a tropical combination of Papaya, Macadamia, Sugar and Sea Salt to gently shed dead skin cells followed by a cooling Cucumber and Aloe wrap to nourish and hydrate parched skin. While the wrap is activating, your therapist will deliver a soothing Tuina scalp acupressure massage to lull you into gentle slumber. After removing the wrap, your therapist will apply an appropriate oil, tailored to your needs, to nourish skin and leave you glowing from top to toe.

Thermal Detox

120 minutes

This invigorating and circulation-boosting body tonic commences with a warm Mango and Shea Butter, Himalayan Salts and Ho Leaf body buff to vigorously shed dead skin cells before cocooning you in thermal clay bandages infused with purifying botanical oils and a caffeine-rich body serum. While the mask is activating, your therapist will deliver a soothing Tuina scalp acupressure massage and apply your chosen Five Element Oil to your scalp, using warming oriental massage techniques to stimulate circulation and invigorate the senses. After showering, your therapist will further encourage elimination of fluid retention with a thermal lymphatic massage.

Ultimate Vitality

190 minutes

This ritual seeks to revitalise the body, mind while rejuvenating your complexion. An infusion of vitamins, minerals, collagen and anti-oxidants combined with an AHA exfoliation, extensive lymphatic massage and acupressure to help feed the skin an abundance of nutrients. This ritual includes a full body exfoliation to revive and promote vitality, body wrap, and a prescriptive Five Elemental Aroma massage. This is followed by a brightening facial to boost your natural radiance. The whole ritual helps to relieve fatigue and rejuvenate dull, dry and undernourished skin.

Five Elemental Bliss

160 minutes

For the ultimate spa experience, this top-to-toe ritual commences with a rejuvenating Mother of Pearl exfoliation before your therapist eases away any tension with a soothing and indulgent Chamomile and Rose Damask body massage. The ritual concludes with a nourishing and hydrating moisture booster facial, soothing hot oil scalp massage and stress-releasing foot massage to leave your mind still, centred and content and your skin nourished, soft and radiant.