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Our Commitment

We believe in ethical and responsible beauty, and do everything we can to source responsibly, put something back into communities, and respect the environment and everything living in it. Here are some of the ways that we take positive action.

Ethical Sourcing

We are committed to ethical sourcing. What this means in practice is that we source all our ingredients from reputable suppliers, who can trace the provenance of their ingredients and demonstrate good practice throughout their supply chains.

Wherever possible, we like to source ingredients locally. From cornish clay, to english chamomile and wildflower honey, we are always looking to reduce our air miles and support local suppliers.

We actively avoid using palm oil in our products.


We never test our products on animals, and over 20 are suitable for vegans. Our vegan-friendly collection is growing. 

Our packaging

We are committed to reducing waste in all aspects of our business.

Over ninety per cent of our plastic and paper packaging is recyclable: we have minimised our packaging by eliminating the use of cardboard inserts, unnecessarily large boxes and oversized bottles.

All our cartons have been printed on FSC/PEFC accredited or Carbon Balanced paper (WorldLandTrust initiative), ensuring we are meeting the highest environmental and social standards.

We do not use sachet samples as these are non-recyclable. Instead, we use PET plastic tubes, which are widely recyclable.

We send our orders in 100% plastic-free packaging, instead using shredded cardboard and water-soluble packing chips to ensure your order is protected during transit.

Our Nutrition Infusion Sheet Masks are made from wood pulp, and our Multi-Acid Skin Resurfacing Pads are 100% biodegradable.

Our ingredients

What goes into our products makes them what they are. We use only the highest quality ingredients to create formulations that are effective and indulgent. 

We select premium-grade herbs, flowers, minerals and patented actives, which are responsibly harvested and produced by the most reputable suppliers around the world

We do not add unnecessary ingredients to our products, and avoid all ingredients with safety concerns- all our facial products are proposition 65 compliant, meaning that they meet California's strict ingredients policy for health and welfare.

All our products are completely free from artificial colours, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), parabens and mineral oils.