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Who We Are

Looking for clean skincare that is really going to enhance your wellbeing? We’re glad you’ve found us. We’re Elemental Herbology, voted best natural spa brand of 2023. We are fresh, clean, and strive to bring you the ultimate products, treatments, and wellness lifestyle tips to help you nurture your skin, body, mind & soul. Keep reading to find out a little bit more about us.

Our Mission

We believe that clean beauty is for everyone. We strive to create innovative, natural skincare, bath & body, and home products that help uplift the everyday and make the ritual of self-care a priority. 

We don’t believe in overly complicated routines, chemical formulations, animal testing, or over packaging our products. Instead, we work with experts to bring you products that use the finest natural ingredients and help you achieve your healthiest, happiest skin. 

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The Five Element Theory 

Elemental Herbology is inspired by the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. We use this ancient wisdom, in combination with modern wellbeing techniques and ingredients.

The Five Element theory teaches us that every living thing (including each one of us), has a unique balance of these five elements. These inform our skin type, our character, and even our moods, but can easily be disrupted by lifestyle choices, the environment and the seasons. Our products and treatments aim to re-balance these elements, restoring energy, harmony and tranquility to your daily life and routine.

Discover which element you are by taking our online Face & Body Profile to help you discover your ideal products and wellness routines.

Probiotic Skincare

Wood is associated with the spring time. If you are a Wood character you are likely to be always busy and on the go, keen to search out new opportunities and try new things. Because of this Wood people may need to take a moment to help rejuvenate and reinvigorate themselves. Our Wood Element Bath & Body products help to do this, bringing together essential oils and key natural ingredients like Lemongrass, Ginger, Nutmeg & Turmeric to help rebalance the body, mind and soul.

Our Wood Element skincare products are formulated especially for those with combination skin and perfectly balance out oily and dry areas while nurturing the skin microbiome with skin-friendly bacteria and key probiotics.

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Fire is the element of the early summer, a time of heat and excitement. Fire characters are energetic and outgoing by nature, they tend to be extroverted, keen leaders and confident. Expending all this energy can lead Fire characters to feel burnt out, which is why our Fire Zest Bath & Body range combines zesty, uplifting aromas to help re-energise you.

Fire people may suffer from hormonal skin, blocked pores or breakouts. This is why our Fire skincare products are created to clarify the skin using light-weigh textures and ethically-sourced ingredients like Cornish clay to nurture the skin.

Natural skincare

Earth is the element of the late summer. Earth characters tend to be life’s nurturers, they are kind, caring and people-orientated. This means, when out of balance, Earth characters can feel emotionally depleted, and may struggle to take time for themselves. To help rebalance this, Earth Element Bath & Body products restore harmony to the body, mind and soul, using balancing ingredients like mandarin and grapefruit.

The Earth skincare products are specifically for people with dull or pigmented skin. These products help unlock your natural glow, using key ingredients like AHAs and kombucha to help improve the texture, tone and radiance of dull skin.

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Metal is the element of autumn, a process of detoxification and reflection. Metal characters tend to be detail orientated and highly organised, with a skill for managing tasks and finding solutions. Because of this character trait, metal characters may struggle to be spontaneous, and commonly can hold on to emotional burdens or sadness. Our Metal bath & Body range helps to detoxify the mind and cleanse the body, aiding lymphatic drainage and circulation to help throw off feelings of sluggishness.

The Metal skincare range is perfect for mature skin. Our award-winning products help to restore moisture, and target fine lines and wrinkles to help look after your skin now, and for always.

award winning moisturiser

Water is the element of winter. Water characters tend to ‘go with the flow’ of life, and can be empathic and reflective. When out of balance, water people may become introverted and over-burdened by their thoughts, so consequently can struggle sleeping. The Water element Bath & Body products focus on soothing the body, mind and soul, and include natural ingredients that help sleep.

Water is associated with dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin, so our Water Element skincare products use gentle, hydrating ingredients that help boost collagen production, and help achieve a plumped, dewy complexion. 

Our Sustainability Promise 

With being so inspired by nature, it is imperative we do our bit for the environment around us. This is why we are committed to bringing you the cleanest skincare we possibly can. 

All of our formulations are cruelty-free and we have an ever-growing range of vegan products. We ethically source the best quality natural ingredients, and make all of our products here in the UK to ensure that we cut down on air miles, and support local businesses. 

Over the past 5 years, we have proudly reduced our carbon footprint and cut out 90% off of packaging and materials to ensure that no surplus resources are being used or wasted. Our boxes are fully recyclable and we use dissolvable packaging peanuts in our orders which dissolve in water and don’t have to go to landfill. 

Spas & Treatments  
bets spa treatments

With the Five Element theory at our core, every Elemental Herbology treatment is highly bespoke and personalised. Before your treatment, your therapist will take you through our Five Element face & Body profile, which will help decipher what element you are, what your skin type is, and what your general wellbeing goals are. From here, your treatment will used relevant products and personalised techniques to help rebalance the body, mind and soul. 

We offer a range of facial and body treatments that promise to bring you the ultimate wellness experience and help reconnect with yourself while providing instant and long-lasting results for your skin. 

Discover your nearest spa and book in for a treatment today.