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5 Clean Beauty Products We're Loving on Earth Day

5 Earth-Loving, Planet-Friendly Products We Love

It's Earth Day, so what batter opportunity to talk about our sustainability commitment and how we are doing our bit for the environment around us. At Elemental Herbology, we believe that great products shouldn't cost the earth, so clean beauty, fabulous formulas, and smart packaging is in our DNA. All our products are produced here in the UK and our Zero Commitment ensures that every single product is cruelty-free, and free from SLS, mineral oils, artificial colours and parabens. 

Tap below to see 4 products we are loving this Earth Day.

1. Five Elements Vital Cleanse

A multi-award winning cleanser for a REASON. This delicious jelly-like cleanser contains natural ingredients to improve the texture, tone and radiance of the skin, all while sweeping away the day's SPF, pollution and makeup. Want to know the secret? Vital Cleanse contains a high dose of Vitamin C, plus English Wildflower Honey, which is produced here in the UK by local farmers, ensuring our air-miles are as low as possible and we are supporting local farmers where we can. 

2. Kombucha Infusion Sheet Mask

This kombucha infused sheet mask helps boost radiance and glow using key natural ingredients. Plus the best thing is that it can be composted at home. Simply place the mask on your face and leave for 10-15 minutes, remove and massage remaining serum into face, and pop into the compost bin... it's as easy as that.

3. Bath & Body Oils

A cult-classic product, these versatile little Bath & Body Oils are some of our most-loved products. Here's why... each one contains ethically sourced, delicious-smelling essential oils, combined with other skin-nourishing natural ingredients in award-winning vegan formulations. Plus, every one is packaged in easy to recycle glass.

4. Purifying Clay Mask

If you have hormonal skin, this clay mask is your new go-to. Bringing together natural ingredients including Cornish Clay sourced locally here in the UK, this mask helps balance sebum production, and calm aggravated skin to help purify and balance your complexion. 

5. Perfect Balance Multi Acid Pads

Another loved and trusted product that nourishes your skin and the environment too! These powerful little pads contain fruit acids and a natural alternative to retinol to help perfectly balance your skin. What's even better is, each one can simply be composted at home.

Don't forget that across all our products, every bottle, jar and container is fully recyclable. In the past five years we have cut down on over 80% of unnecessary paper and cardboard packaging, and all our packaging is now FSC accredited, meaning it is fully traceable. Our orders are packed with our dissolvable packing peanuts, meaning you simply pour them in the skin and cover in water to make them fully dissolve.