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Five Elements

Everyone has different characteristics in their skin and it is important to use the right ingredients and products that will support your needs and lifestyle. Below we explain what each element means and how our skincare collections helps each skin type.You may feel that you fall into more than one element or that your needs change throughout the seasons, if this is the case then it is easy to mix and match products from different ranges for best results.


Aligned to late Summer, the element of transformation and harmony. The Radiance & Vitality range will transform dull skin to reveal a brighter complexion and boost natural radiance. Suitable for all skin types.


Aligned to Winter, a time to nurture, support, turn inward and be calm. Skin in this element tends to be dry and dehydrated. The Moisture Replenish range will provide extra moisture and nourishment. The Sensitive range will also be suitable if you have sensitive skin that needs to be soothed and calmed.


Aligned to Autumn, a wonderful time to harvest and boost reserves. Age Support is for those in need of extra nourishment for the skin and to target the physiological signs of ageing.


Aligned to Summer, symbolising outward movement, warmth and maximum energy. Skin in this element may be oil-prone and congested, the anti-bacterial formulations in the Oil Control range will help purify and calm skin.


Aligned to Spring, germination, growth and change. Skin in this element tends to be normal to combination skin. The Balance range will help balance oily areas whilst replenishing moisture levels.