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The Elemental Herbology Ambassador Program is an exclusive group of enthusiastic, creative individuals who are active on social media, passionate about skincare, health and well-being and eager to spread the word about Elemental Herbology, helping to promote the brand and encourage sales via

Ambassador Perks
Access to Elemental Herbology products for review.
An exclusive 20% discount code to share with followers, friends, and family.
8% commission earned on any purchases made using your exclusive discount code/affiliated links.
Be the first to know about new products and exciting brand updates.
The chance to be featured across our social media accounts.

To become an Elemental Herbology Ambassador, you must:
• Have a minimum of 3,000 followers on Instagram.
• Post regularly and consistently on social media platforms, engaging in dialogue with followers.
• Be willing to promote and share Elemental Herbology content across social channels
• Have a valid PayPal account to receive commission pay-outs.

Product Allocation
Upon successful application to the Elemental Herbology Ambassador Program, Ambassadors will be gifted products for review purposes and are entitled to on-going product allocation for review purposes, granted on a case-by-case basis by Elemental Herbology Marketing and/or PR team.
Any products gifted by Elemental Herbology are for use solely by the Ambassador for promotional purposes. Gifted products must not be shared with any other person besides the recipient as part of the Elemental Herbology Ambassador Program.
Gifted products cannot be exchanged for monetary value, or sold for monetary value. Faulty products may be queried and exchanged at the discretion of the Elemental Herbology team by emailing

Content requirements
Elemental Herbology Ambassadors must agree to posting a minimum of 3 unique content pieces per month featuring, or with reference to, Elemental Herbology.

This can include:
• Blog posts
• Instagram Grid posts
• Instagram Story posts
• TikTok posts
• Youtube Videos

These posts may be syndicated across various social media platforms to gain further exposure, but please note that this will not contribute to reaching the minimum content requirements. E.g. if the same post is syndicated across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, this will only count as 1 unique content piece.
All posts must tag the relevant Elemental Herbology account (@elementalherbology).
We recommend that Elemental Herbology Ambassadors post regularly and consistently to gain the most from the program. The more the ambassadors unique discount code is shared across platforms with engaging content, the more likely ambassadors are to facilitate a sale and thus earn commission.
All posts featuring, or with reference to, Elemental Herbology must show Elemental Herbology in a positive light and must not aim to discredit the brand or products mentioned.
On occasion, Elemental Herbology may set out specific content requirements for Ambassadors. For e.g. upon a new product launch, Elemental Herbology may specify that ambassadors must mention the new product in X amount of posts during its launch month.
All content produced as part of the Elemental Herbology Ambassador Program must stay on the ambassadors’ channel for a minimum of 3 months.

Image & Content rights
Persons taking part in the Elemental Herbology Ambassador Program must acknowledge and agree that all content created by the ambassador featuring, or with reference to, Elemental Herbology may be used by Elemental Herbology for promotional and endorsement purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, social media, website, email, associated spa’s, and salons, print and online advertising.

Upon successful application to the Elemental Herbology Ambassador Program, Ambassadors will be issued a unique 20% discount code (e.g. JOHNSMITH15) that must be used to refer followers, friends, and family to shop at
This code issues customers with 20% off their purchase when entered at checkout on exclusively.
This code can be shared without limit by the Ambassador across all social media platforms (as listed above) in order to encourage purchase at This code must not be shared on any third-party platforms such as voucher code/discount sites. Any codes found outside if the ambassadors social media network will result in instant termination of the persons ambassador privileges.
For every successful referral using the unique discount code, the Ambassador will receive 8% commission on the total value of the purchase made (minus the 20% discount and post & packaging fees).
This discount code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional code.

We advise our Ambassadors to sign up to the Elemental Herbology Refersion program at This allows Ambassadors to create and share affiliated links across social media, blog and website, and track their progress.
Ambassadors will receive 8% commission on any successful referral generated via affiliate link, regardless of whether the customer uses the exclusive discount code.

Commission pay-outs
Commission pay-outs will be issued quarterly via PayPal. Ambassadors must have a valid PayPal account and linked bank account to receive commissions.
Ambassadors may request an account update outlining all commissions due for issue at any time by emailing

ASA Guidelines
Persons taking part in the Elemental Herbology Ambassador Program will be acting as a secondary advertiser, therefore will need to make sure that their content complies with the rules and regulations set out by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA).
Any person receiving a stipend to redeem against product each quarter alongside an affiliated discount code must declare ‘AD’ at the start of each content piece, or on each story on social media. This classifies as a ‘monetary value agreed’, and therefore ambassadors must adhere and execute the minimum number of pieces of content required monthly, as outlined in the Elemental Herbology Ambassador Program T & C’s.

Ambassador Reviews
Ambassadors will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Elemental Herbology withhold the right to terminate a persons Ambassador Program privileges for reasons including, but not limited to, underperformance, failure to adhere to program T & C’s, content not adhering to the Elemental Herbology standard.