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The Light Retreat- Ockenden Manor Hotel & Spa

Listen, treat and transform body and mind with The Light Retreat at Ockenden Manor.

- Luci Joyner

This #SpaSunday, we're rewinding to a Sunday morning in April when I visited the stunning Ockenden Manor Hotel & Spa, West Sussex, where I was lucky enough to embark on a three-day transformational wellness retreat held by holistic therapist, Katie Light.

A newbie to holistic therapy, the thought of spending three days delving deep into my physical and emotional needs was at first a little daunting, but upon meeting Katie- who herself has over 25 years' experience in the health, beauty and wellness industry- I was instantly put at ease by her calming demeanour.

The expertly curated Light Retreat at Ockenden offers a perfect balance of workshops, activities, consultation and therapy sessions, with the aim of addressing the stresses in life and developing a unique 'tool kit' to help you overcome the obstacles that are holding us back from reaching our full potential.

For myself, the retreat focused on letting go of structure, allowing self-expression and knowing my worth, but for others in the group, it centred on overcoming anxiety, learning how to say 'no', and embarking on new challenges. Katie also treats those dealing with grief, sleep problems and hormonal imbalances, with each session tailored to your specific needs.

Over the three days, we embarked on meditation, yoga and visualisation workshops, as well as a session in Ockenden's Isopod floatation tank and ample time to recharge and enjoy the stunning spa facilities, which include a glass-fronted in-and-outdoor pool with views over Sussex countryside, rainforest shower, steam room and sauna.

A highlight of the retreat was experiencing Katie's signature Light Technique; a 90-minute bespoke treatment combining dynamic massage techniques, NLP and Reiki to shift energy blocks, using the full range of Elemental Herbology skin and body products to rebalance body, mind and emotions.

A month on from the retreat, Katie's techniques and treatments have had a lasting effect. The tools learned are easy to practice in everyday life, whether it be using self-massage to ease a tension headache, or speaking words of affirmation in moments of self-doubt. Katie's reassuring energy gives a complete shift in mindset, making personal goals feel that little bit more achievable.

The Light Retreat is available at Ockenden Manor Hotel & Spa on selected dates. Packages from £695.