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#DiscoverYourElement- The Wood Element

Wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Ancient Chinese philosophy tells us that everything in life is composed of and influenced by these five different elements. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the wood element.

The wood element rules spring, a time of awakening and growth. Most present in the morning time, the wood element gives the opportunity for rejuvenation and new beginnings. Those with wood personalities are life's helpers. They are reliable, wise and cooperate well with others, often being known as somebody to lean on- much like a strong tree. Although kind, wood characters often don't have a good grasp on boundaries and may overstay their welcome. Wood characters are often very active and may find exercising or getting fresh air a way to switch off and unwind.

Wood aligns with our Balance skincare range which is formulated for normal/combination skin types- typical of those in the wood element. It helps balance oily areas and replenish moisture levels while also protecting skin against environmental factors. A hero product from the Balance range, the Skin Resurfacing Multi-Acid Facial Pads are packed with exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acids and natural peptides to plump fine lines and wrinkles whilst minimising pores and reducing breakouts, leaving skin brighter and even. Tired, aching muscles? The Wood Rejuvenation Bath & Body Oil invigorates and restores a wood character that is always on the go. Want to #DiscoverYourElement? Take our Find Your Element quiz.