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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Natural Hair Care

Ok, so you have your natural skincare routine nailed, but have you considered the ingredients in your hair care? Natural shampoo, conditioner and styling products are kinder to your hair, skin and the environment. Here's 5 reasons why you should make the switch.
1. SLS-free

SLS (or sodium laureth sulfate) is an ingredient used in traditional hair products to create a foamy texture and leave our hair squeaky clean, but over time it can strip the hair, leaving it dry and damaged. If you have a sensitive scalp, it can also cause irritation. Natural shampoos often use alternative foaming ingredients (we use a coconut-derived alternative) which are gentler on the hair and scalp, helping to maintain the moisture, reduce frizz and protect a delicate scalp.

2. Silicone-free

Silicones are ingredients often used in conditioners and styling products to coat the hair strands, giving it a silky smooth feel. However, over time these silicones can build up in the hair, weighing it down and leaving hair dull and prone to breakage. Natural hair care often replaces silicones with nourishing ingredients such as plant-based oils and butters, helping to moisturise the hair instead of just coating it.

3. Stronger hair

If your hair is thin, brittle or prone to breakage, switching to natural ingredients can help to strengthen the follicles and restore shine. Natural hair care is often rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins to feed hair with the essential nutrients it needs to grow long and strong. Our hair care uses ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter and wheat proteins, with no filler ingredients to weigh hair down.

4. Better for the environment

Many natural products use sustainable practices to source their ingredients, helping to support and give back to the world we live in. Our hair care also comes in recyclable, re-usable packaging, helping you to make ethical choices without the compromise. 

5. More bang for your buck

While traditional shampoos and conditioners in the supermarket might seem a more budget-friendly, they are often packed with cheap, filler ingredients that have little to no benefit to your hair. Our hair care contains nothing but high quality, considered ingredients that each have an impact on hair health. We think that's great value for money.

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