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Up-cycle your beauty empties

Here at Elemental Herbology, we're passionate about ethical and responsible beauty. To celebrate Earth Day 2020, we're sharing some easy ways you can up-cycle your beauty empties to give them a whole new lease of life.
Bedside blooms

All our glass packaging is 100% recyclable, but why not reduce it's carbon footprint further by re-purposing your jars and bottles around the home?

We've filled an empty bath and body oil bottle with calming lavender to make the perfect accompaniment to any bedside table.

DIY Lip Scrub

Finished your jar of lip balm? Turn it into your very own homemade lip scrub. Just mix together:

- 2tsp brown sugar

- 1tsp coconut oil

-1-2 drops of vanilla or peppermint extract

Spoon into your clean jar and enjoy your very own lip scrub!

Storage solutions

Screw-top containers have a thousand handy uses around the home. Here, we've re-purposed our Skin Resurfacing Facial Pads tub to hold our reusable cotton rounds, but they'd be perfect to hold cotton buds, make-up brushes or any other knick knacks around the house.

Wash up in style

Finished your hand wash or hand cream?

Give the pump bottle a rinse and fill up with your favourite dish soap- most brands now sell refill pouches that are both more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Plus, this looks far more chic in your kitchen!

We hope we inspired you to find new uses for your used products! Want to find out more about our sustainability promise? Read Our Commitment.