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The Conundrum Of Beauty

How do you approach buying the right beauty products?

To be honest we think we are all in a bit of a conundrum.  On one hand we are all busier and more impatient than ever and so we frequently look for a high-tech quick-fix and don’t really listen or understand the needs of our skin. We turn to Botox, fillers and aggressive peels to get that instant result.  Yet on the other hand we are increasingly yearning for products that are more natural, ethically sourced, aromatic and tactile. We want our skin to look good with products that deliver outstanding long-lasting results without resorting to synthetic techniques, and products that we feel we can buy into without compromising our own morals and conscience.  Before Elemental Herbology started, we certainly felt that there was a void between the high tech results driven skincare and the brands that emulated a home spa experience and were tactile and indulgent.

Unfortunately these two consumer urges are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. One is all about the moment and purely cosmetic. The other is about nurturing, supporting and caring, about creating change on a cellular level. We think no one can make the assertion that one single approach is “better” than the other. It depends on what makes you tick and what makes you feel good about yourself. Elemental Herbology know that as much as consumers want clean and tactile skincare imbued with beautiful essential oils if the product doesn’t work they won’t be back. We believe that although healthy skin can’t and won’t be generated by quick-fix solutions alone - it must take into consideration also diet, lifestyle and the way we choose to live - who’s to say you can’t marry the two together: high-tech solutions with advanced natural products.

At Elemental Herbology we combine over a 130 different plant, mineral and marine extracts with 36 different natural patented technologies all at potent and therapeutic levels to deliver serious results. Natural skincare that really says what it does on the box!  But in addition to this we take care to source from suppliers that support local communities and the environment and we keep our products free from sulphates, mineral oils and paraben preservatives.

We know that as much as consumers want clean and tactile skincare imbued with beautiful essential oils if the product doesn’t work they won’t be back.

We are all constantly becoming more globally, morally and ecologically aware and we want to make the right choices not only for our skin but for our futures and our planet. With more and more high-performance natural brands coming to the forefront as consumers we may just get to have our cake and eat it too.

Our award-winning Cell Nourish Radiance & Vitality Serum, for example, contains 3 individual patents, 6 anti-oxidants and 14 separate active ingredients, but none of that would mean anything if you couldn’t see the resulting effects of the product in brightened, more radiant, healthier-looking skin