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Put a spring in your step

The sun is shining, warmer weather has arrived and the evenings are much lighter. Summer is finally here (hurray!), but are you adjusting your lifestyle to the new season? Follow these tips to put a spring in your step:

Shake off Sugar

Comfort foods were probably a staple during the colder months but now is the time to change your diet for fresh produce and away from processed and convenience foods that are usually full of sugar and salt. Trying to reduce our sugar intake and using prebiotics can really help to improve gut health which has an amazing effect on energy levels and our skin. If you're able to cut back on the biggest culprits such as dairy, alcohol and processed foods, even for a month, it will have a huge impact on your well-being.

Kick-start your Fitness

Gone are those dark cold mornings! Now is the perfect time to squeeze in that morning gym session or go for a run, get some fresh air and move the socialising from the local pub to the local park. Light exercise for as little as 30 minutes a day is ideal. Even getting off the bus early and walking home the rest of the way or going for a bike ride for an hour over the weekend will do wonders for your wellbeing.

Seasonal Offerings

The warmer weather means that we tend to move away from heavy foods and begin to eat lighter and fresher meals. Change up your diet by making the most of in-season produce. Spring is the perfect time to start stocking up on vegetables such as spinach, spring onions, Savoy cabbage, asparagus, broccoli and rhubarb which are all packed full of vitamins and minerals.