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Multi-masking miracles

With so many different face masks and treatments available at the moment it’s difficult to know which will be right for your skin type and how to get the best results. Most people don’t have the same skin all over their face, for example your T-zone may be oily, your chin may suffer from breakouts but cheeks may easily become dry and dehydrated.

The best way to tackle all these problems at once is to target different areas with different treatments! It may sound a bit strange (and your face may look like a patchwork quilt while it’s working) but it’s a great way to save time and the hassle of applying one mask after another.

Below we share how Elemental Herbology masks and treatments can be used together or incorporated into your current regime. We recommend this pamper session once a week, so set some time aside and watch these products work!

Facial Glow
This gentle exfoliator should be used all over the face to remove dead skin cells so that masks can be absorbed more easily. Simply massage into the skin using small circular movements, leave for 4 minutes and removes with warm water. The unique combination of botanicals and vitamins will instantly enhance the texture and radiance of the skin.
Facial Detox
This mask is perfect for the T-zone or any areas of congestion. Apply to clean dry skin and leave on for 10 minutes before removing with warm water. The anti-bacterial, deep-cleansing ingredients such as Oat Flour and Amazonian Clay helps decongest pores and eliminate toxins.
Facial Soufflé
Designed as an overnight treatment this wonder product can be used as a mask. It’s an ideal antidote for areas that are dry and have lost firmness. Bio-oils are combined with wheat protein to nourish skin while shea butter gives instant hydration. The result is a hydrated and plump complexion. The Facial Soufflé is also perfect for the neck and décolleté which can often be forgotten about. Don’t neglect this area as it is where the first signs of aging can occur and so need some extra TLC!