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Meet the Elements...

NEW ARRIVALS: Bath & Body Oils

The Five Elements have joined forces to help restore equilibrium and improve your wellbeing. Whatever your needs, mood and lifestyle may be, these five NEW Bath & Body Oils will strengthen and support so that you're ready to face anything. Choose from 5 blends depending on your need to use during and after bathing, Wood Rejuvenation, Fire Zest, Earth Balance, Metal Detox, Water Soothe.

The workaholic needs Wood

Always on the go and have an active lifestyle? Your tired and aching muscles need Wood Rejuvenation to relieve aches and pains and refresh the mind so that you’re ready for the gym the next day!

Workaholic Wood

Fuel up with Fire

Trouble getting out of bed? Always feeling tired and drained? Fire Zest will revitalise your whole body and increase energy levels throughout the day.


Empower with Earth

Hit the reset button to balance and centre the mind with Earth Balance. Those who are always giving to others and never take time for themselves will love this calming oil to restore equilibrium.



Metal to help mellow

You’re organised, structured and have everything planned far in advanced. Metal Detox will help you declutter your thoughts, purify a tired body and mind while helping to eliminate toxins.


Be worry-free with Water

Pressures from everyday life can leave you stressed, worried and unable to sleep. The comforting properties of Water Soothe will nurture, emotionally strengthen and deeply relax for a calm mind and a good night’s sleep.



How to use the your chosen Bath & Body Oil:

Apply 2-3 pumps of oil to the torso before stepping into the shower. Alternatively, dispense 2-3 pumps into a hot bath. After bathing, apply the body oil to clean dry skin to nourish and hydrate.

Bath & Body Oil Benefits:

  • Dual purpose oils for during and after bathing
  • Contains powerful essential oil blends for an unforgettable bath or shower aromatherapy experience
  • Deeply nourishing and hydrating after bathing for super soft skin that lasts all day
  • Easily absorbed into the skin
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians


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