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Mandarin Oriental and the launch of our Five Element Facial

The Mandarin Oriental and Elemental Herbology have been working closely together to create a series of facials that are based on the integral philosophy of the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  With Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the heart of our brand philosophy, it felt like a very natural fit to work with Mandarin Oriental and I am thrilled to announce that we have just launched our Elemental Facial at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.

I flew out to Hong Kong for the launch and it was great to be back in this crazy, bustling and frenetic city. So full of energy and such wonderful food!  We launched the facial to press through a VIP event and press day where editors were treated to a totally bespoke Five Element Facial.  Feedback from editors was amazing and they all left glowing - a good testament to just how great this facial is at getting to grips with precisely what the skin needs to correct imbalance and restore optimum health and vitality. Through a highly prescriptive approach using TCM pathology and diagnosis we aim to treat the skin in a holistic and authentic way.  At the start of each facial, the spa therapist will identify which of the five elements are best represented by the guest’s skin, and each guest experience will be tailored around these elements and the skin’s needs.

The Wood Element is aligned to spring, germination, growth and change.   Spring is the time to ‘tend the soil’ before ‘sowing the seeds’ and in this way we purify and decongest the skin before infusing it with nourishment and moisture. This harmonising facial aims to balance skin, incorporating an extensive facial massage and a series of therapeutic masks full of vitamins, minerals, collagen and antioxidants. It’s the ideal treatment for combination skin or frequent travellers who are trying to get their skin adapted to changes in the environment.

The Fire Element is aligned to summer and symbolises outward movement, warmth and maximum energy. When the Fire Element is in excess our skin becomes excessively oily and congested. Pollution, stress and the summer sun all contribute to excessive internal heat and congestion of the skin.  This detoxifying facial treatment uses AHA’s to deeply cleanse pores and exfoliate the skin, a massage using chilled stones and an application of balancing and soothing tonics, which help to encourage toxin removal from the skin, reduce sebum production and pore size, cool sunburnt skin and restore a clear and balanced complexion.

The Earth Element is aligned to late summer and is the element of transformation and harmony. When our Earth element is in balance our skin is healthy and radiant but when it is depleted it looks sallow and dull.  To revive dull and sallow skin, Vitamin C serums infused with Kombuchka helps to dramatically enhance tone and improve texture of the skin. Nourishing and rejuvenating masks are applied and an acupressure massage is performed on the skin to give a brighter, smoother, more radiant complexion. It’s also a good treatment for pigmentation.

The Metal Element is aligned to autumn and is a wonderful time to boost the skin’s natural reserves of strength.  To help transform tired skin this nourishing, circulation-boosting facial uses products infused with gentle results-driven ingredients such as apple, papaya and strawberry cells, a series of vitamin and nutrient-boosting masks and a decongestant massage to restore a clear and balanced complexion. An ideal treatment for puffy and pale skin.

The Water Element is aligned to winter and is a time to nurture, support, turn inward and be still and calm. The Water Element also helps to boost moisture when it is depleted by excessive wind, cold and central heating. During winter the skin can become dehydrated, sensitive and depleted; reduced skin hydration is one of the major causes of premature ageing. This treatment is full of all the ingredients needed to restore moisture to your skin. Collagen, Omega 3, 6, and 9 are used to aid your skin in looking plump, firm and nourished.  It is a wonderful treatment for dry, mature skin and an excellent choice for frequent flyers.

We have also been working on a series of TCM inspired body treatments which we will be launching through Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong later this year and meanwhile I will be looking very forward to returning to Hong Kong and having the opportunity to meet with the wonderful Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Spa team. I’m also eager to return to the Peking Garden restaurant for the most delicious Peking Duck and Ma Po Tofu. Divine!