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Happy Hair Days

How often should I shampoo? Can I brush wet hair? Is leave-in conditioner worth it? With the launch of our new Shiny Locks Shampoo & Hair Souffle Conditioner we thought it was time to address some of the myths surrounding haircare.

Washing Your Hair

Less is more when it comes to how often you should wash your hair. Just like with your skin, natural oil is designed to protect and nourish your hair and over washing it can strip these oils away and risks your hair over-producing oil, to compensate. Remember that straight hair will get oily faster than curly hair and sometimes just a water-rinse without shampoo is all you need, after the gym for example.

Always shampoo the scalp and not the ends of your hair. The shampoo will naturally rinse down your hair anyway and shampooing the ends risks breakage. Also, scalp stimulation is a great way to increase blood circulation and help hair growth. Finally, try to avoid hot water which can dry out your scalp and lead to breakages.

Conditioning and Drying

Investing in a good conditioner is essential for healthy hair, especially if you have curly or coarse hair. Unlike shampooing, conditioner should be applied to the bottom two thirds of your hair, concentrating mainly on the ends. Ideally you should towel dry your hair before applying conditioner as any excess water may prevent the hair from absorbing the product. Remeber to gently comb wet hair, don’t brush it! Once the hair is dry brush it from the bottom up for the best results and avoid tangles.

Drying on a low heat is the best way to avoid damaging your hair and pointing the nozzle straight down as opposed to side on can help reduce frizz and static.

So as you can see there’s quite a lot that we can do ourselves to help keep our hair shiny and healthy looking which is why we’ve tried to make choosing your Shampoo and Conditioner that little bit easier.

Happy Hair Days Everyone.

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happy hair days