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Finding Balance at Bedtime

Sleep. We all love it and we all need it, but for so many of us getting a good night’s sleep is proving more and more difficult. Although this fact is nothing new and most of us are aware of the reasons why, the problem still exists. We all read how stress, work and technology are impacting on our sleep patterns and yet many of us are still suffering. So let’s take a moment to look at the bigger picture. What we’re really saying is that the modern world is creating imbalances in people’s lives which we are struggling to put right and balance is something we’re passionate about here at Elemental Herbology.

We’re all guilty of prioritising work or social commitments over dedicating time for ourselves, even simply setting aside time to read a book before bed can seem impossible. However, studies show that 10-30% of people in industrial societies are suffering from chronic insomnia whereas some communities such as the Hadza Tribe in Northern Tanzania don’t even have the word ‘insomnia’ in their language!

Our top tips for a good night’s sleep:

  • Make sure your sleeping environment is restful and comforting free from clutter with a nice comfy bed
  • Regular exercise can help relieve stress but make sure you don’t work out right before bedtime
  • Try to cut down on caffeine which can prevent deep sleep and switch to herbal tea instead
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking or heavy foods right before bed as these can really disrupt your sleep

Most of all make sure you give yourself a healthy balance of ‘you-time’.
Sweet dreams everyone.

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