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Does high performance have to mean high tech?

We were recently asked to participate in a debate about whether or not ‘high performance’ skincare has to mean ‘high tech’. My answer was simple: it absolutely does not. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of pure, natural and unadulterated ingredients that produce truly visible and remarkable effects on the skin.

For example, Sacha Inchi oil sourced from the Amazon Basin in Brazil contains the richest source of Omega 3,6 and 9 found in any plant oil and is 84.4% essential fatty acids, making it an invaluable ingredient in skincare products due to its ability to curb skin inflammation, soothe the skin, improve moisture and reinforce the natural barrier functions.

Kombuchka is another great example.  Kombuchka (fermented black tea) has been drunk for generations in Manchuria and Japan as a longevity tonic. There is some really powerful clinical data on its effect on improving radiance on the skin (up to 22%) and its anti-glycation capacities (which stop the skins collagen and elastin from sticking together, resulting in plumper, smoother, more fresh looking skin).

Olive Squalane is one of our favourite ingredients to use due to its really light molecular structure which absorbs so quickly and beautifully making it a wonderful carrier oil for the skin and an excellent emollient for dry and chapped skin.

Having said that, we are far from adverse to high tech as a brand and while we use a lot of ingredients in their pure forms, science has given us the ability to use nature in a new and powerful way. Science can now isolate compounds within single ingredients and then combine this with extracts from other plants or minerals to deliver advanced and proactive results. At Elemental Herbology we utilise over 34 different patented technologies which are all created using natural ingredients. We then combine this with over 130 different plant, mineral and marine extracts to provide amazing nutrition for the skin.

One of these non-synthetic high tech ingredients we use is Aquarich™, a patented ingredient that combines the actives from Black Oat extract and Soya Lecithin to lock moisture into the skin, strengthen the skins structure and reduce trans-epidermal water loss.  This technology is found in our Cell Plumping Facial Moisturiser and Facial Souffle and is one of the reasons both of these products are so fabulous for nourishing the skin in autumn and winter time.

Fresh cell technology is another favourite of mine which uses exclusive cell technology to keep the cell walls 100% intact during the extraction process so that it protects the molecular content of each cell. When fresh cells come in contact with the skin, cell enzymes work with the epidermis enabling it to sparingly pour out its precious content into a protected micro-capsule.

Phylderm® Vegetal C2, contained in our Cell Nourish Facial Serum is obtained by the gentle hydrolysis of soy proteins, combines the most effective components of natural skin cell renewal in its innovative formula. These components are essential amino acids and lipids to support cell regeneration, peptides to ensure long-term rejuvenation and revitalization of cells, plus selected minerals to protect the epidermal surface and the hydration of your skin. This all-natural product provides vital nutrients to revive the active function of cells, revitalizes dull and tired looking skin and protects it from damaging influences.

It all illustrates how amazing science can be in a natural high tech way. High performance and high tech doesn’t necessarily have to mean synthetic or chemical. For this reason, we really believe the future of beauty is to take a more holistic approach. I’m often asked can the latest high tech products really reverse the signs of aging? We believe so but a good cleanser, moisturiser, serum and doing a weekly home facial including a good exfoliation and treatment mask is just the foundation. Diet is absolutely key as is keeping stress levels in check as elevated cortisol levels are a killer on the skin, as is lack of sleep, not drinking enough water, and too much sun. Lifestyle, environment and diet have a huge impact on the skin and so your approach has to also address this.

So what is the future of skincare? Internal tinctures rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, collagen, peptides and also mind-calming tonics to help reduce stress are both areas that I predict will become big news as mind and body, inside and out, become recognised as essential elements to beauty, health and wellness. Elemental Herbology are committed to launching a wonderful range of skin balancing tonics to help keep the skin beautiful inside and out, so watch this space.

High tech is just half the story….