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Be Good to yourself Friday 💐

The long Bank Holiday is upon us, but your Easter Weekend may be looking a little different to how you had planned. We're taking the opportunity this Good Friday to be GOOD to ourselves, by encouraging small acts of self-care to enhance your space, clear your mind and keep spirits high.
Here's our top-tips:

1. Scent your home

Home fragrance can work wonders to re-fresh your space and evoke positive emotions. The same way we often switch up our perfumes for day and night, we like to do the same with our home fragrances to symbolise a change in mindset.

During the week, we like to keep our Wood Rejuvenation Reed Diffuser close-by to scent our work space. With an invigorating blend of lemongrass, nutmeg and ginger, this natural rattan diffuser helps to restore mental clarity and boost energy levels throughout the home, keeping our minds focused and our productivity high.

Come the weekend, it's time to switch up your home fragrance and introduce something a little more relaxing. Enter, Water Soothe Aromatherapy Candle. This soy wax, vegan candle contains a calming blend of neroli, chamomile and lavender to relax the mind, helping to evoke feelings of peace and well-being. We love lighting this while we wind down for the evening.


2. Remember to switch off

Although we're currently in isolation, you could argue we're more connected than ever. Phone calls, video chats, social media and a 24 hour news stream can leave us feeling drained. Don't forget to take the time to disconnect, by putting your phone aside, switching off the television and enjoying some down time. Why not pick up that book you've been meaning to read, or practice some meditation?


3. Practice mindful breathing

When feelings of stress, anxiety or unrest creep up on us, it's important to have a mental 'toolbox' available to help you regain balance. One of our favourite tools is to practice mindful breathing; a simple and effective practice to restore a sense of focus and control. 

To begin mindful breathing, begin by applying 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil blend or inhalation oil to the palms of your hands (we like to use our Water Soothe Facial Oil, as the calming blend of chamomile, rose damask and sandalwood helps to aid relaxation) and follow these simple steps:

Simply cover alternate nostrils with your thumb and ring finger while taking deep, slow breaths. Try to do this for around 5 minutes.
- Breathe in with right nostril (cover left)
- Breathe out with left nostril (cover right)
- Breathe in with left nostril (cover right)
- Breathe out with right nostril (cover left)


4. Give yourself an at home facial

It's not very often we get the chance to give ourselves some uninterrupted pamper time- but if you get the chance to this weekend, we'd highly recommend it, and our At Home Facial Gift Collection is the perfect place to start.

Containing our best-selling Cell Plumping Moisturiser, a Nutrition Infusion Sheet Mask and a beautifully crafted Rose Quartz Roller, the set has everything you need to sit back, relax and enjoy a moment of calm.

Want to give yourself a full body experience? We like to begin with a head-to-toe exfoliation using our Macadamia & Papaya Body Scrub, followed with a deep soak using our Five Element Bath and Body Oils.


5. Eat the elements

 Although chocolate will (and absolutely should!) be on the menu this weekend, don't forget to enjoy a balanced diet and get in those fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only is it great for your body, your mind will also thank you- especially if you've been feeling sluggish. Why not start the day with a smoothie or juice based on your element?

Wood- Bitter lemon, ginger and turmeric

Fire- Sweet orange and basil

Earth- Mandarin, lime and mint

Metal- Grapefruit, banana and mango

Water- Strawberry and lavender


We wish you all a relaxing and rejuvenating Easter Weekend!

Team Elemental Herbology x