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At Home Facial Massage with Abigail James

Abigail James is one of the beauty industry’s most revered facialists and wellbeing experts whose unique practices are regularly requested by those-in-the-know on both sides of the Atlantic. Below Abigail shares her facial massage techniques that can be incorporated into any skincare routine.

Facial massage is an amazing way of getting the best out of your at-home skincare products and is simple to add into your daily routine for an extra boost. Massage doesn't just feel amazing, it also boosts blood circulation bringing fresh nutrients to the skin, relaxes visible muscle tension, softening fine lines, brings a fresh radiance to the surface of the skin while also helping to remove toxins and de-puff.

In the morning using your facial cleanser, massage in circular motions all over the face and neck with five fingers so you’re working not just on the surface of the skin but also into the muscles, it’s nice to use quick active moves to wake up your face, rinse off then finish with a cool muslin or flannel.

Apply your serum all over in a pressing action rather than too much rubbing –I love the Elemental Herbology Hyaluronic Booster Plus Intensive Moisture Serum.

Apply your eye cream, tap it around the eye on the orbital bone and over the eye lids, smooth then use a finger drumming and light tapping movement over and under the whole eye area to encourage drainage. Then to finish, smooth your moisturiser all over.

Hyaluronic Booster Plus+ group
2. Harmonising Cleanse In the evening I love using a cleansing oil, perfect for taking off makeup but also an added excuse to massage your face at the end of the day, I love Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanser. Try pinching moves along the jaw and knuckles into the cheeks, circle the eyes and lift the brow with a raking movement, smooth it all down with some outwards drainage moves, rinse, pat dry and apply your night serums and products.
Abigail James,
International facialist & wellbeing expert
Author of ‘Love Your Skin’, published by Kyle Books. Photography by Jenni Hare. Available on Amazon RRP £20

Abigail is currently based in her independent treatment room at Hari’s Salon, 305 Brompton Road.

Instagram: @abigailjames1

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