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The properties of Vitamin C and how it helps support our skin have been studied by science -with plenty of research to back this antioxidant ingredient. You may be surprised to learn that it’s available in different forms, for example, it’s often listed as ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid. It is a powerhouse ingredient – … Continue reading The Juice On Vitamin C >

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Whether it’s a hot date, celebrating an anniversary, hanging out with friends or relaxing at home, 14th February is the perfect excuse to indulge in some you time. Follow our self-love steps and treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. The night before: Exfoliate and deeply hydrate for flawless skin and an irresistible glow. Facial Glow Radiance Peel uses fruit enzymes and … Continue reading Feel The Love >

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Ski season is now upon us which means your skin will be facing the harsh elements of mountains, sun exposure and cold weather. Elemental Herbology’s Managing Director, Lou Riby, has spent many seasons on the slopes (in the past as a chalet girl) and would love to share her beauty tips and the best products … Continue reading Ski Season Essentials >

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Kombuchka™, Niacinamide Vitamin B3 Complex & Aloe Vera. Three superfoods for the skin that have been combined to create a NEW natural sheet mask to transform all skin types. Skin instantly looks plumper, smoother and more radiant with increased protection from the environment and free radicals. Sheet masks have recently taken over as the must … Continue reading Nutrition Infusion Sheet Mask >

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The sun is shining, warmer weather has arrived and the evenings are much lighter. Summer is finally here (hurray!), but are you adjusting your lifestyle to the new season? Follow these tips to put a spring in your step: Shake off Sugar Comfort foods were probably a staple during the colder months but now is … Continue reading Put a spring in your step >

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Chickpea, Ricotta and Spinach Veggie (Meat)balls Meat doesn’t have to be eaten at every meal and going meat free one day a week can help with a healthy lifestyle. Nutritionist Sara Jackson shares a delicious recipe for ‘meat’ balls to set you up for the week ahead! Best served with a homemade tomato sauce, either on … Continue reading Meat free Monday by Sara Jackson >

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Do you get mad chocolate cravings, muscle cramps, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, trouble getting your z’s and constipation from time to time? If any of these common complaints are ringing your bell then you may be low in magnesium. In fact, it’s one of the most common minerals for people to be lacking. Magnesium is … Continue reading Magnesium…are you getting enough? by Sara Jackson >

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Sensitivity is one of the most common skin complaints. Studies show that over 50% of people describing their skin as sensitive and here at Elemental Herbology HQ we are always hearing from clients with concerns about how a products may react with their skin and the best ingredients to use. So what defines sensitive skin? … Continue reading Understanding Sensitive Skin >

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Here at Elemental Herbology we know how valuable essential oils are and how beneficial aromatherapy can be for so many people and situations. From frankincense to calm nerves before an exam, to rosemary to help aching muscles after a run, there isn’t much that essential oils can’t do! So to celebrate Aromatherapy Awareness Week, we’d like to take you … Continue reading Find the best oils for you >

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Everything you need to know about the NEW Hyaluronic Booster Plus+ Intensive Moisture Serum  Serums have become an important part to every skincare regime, they contain a higher percentage of active ingredients to make a big difference to skin tone, texture and radiance. Not only that, but using a serum allows other products, such as … Continue reading Secrets behind the serum >