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Listen, treat and transform body and mind with The Light Retreat at Ockenden Manor. – Luci Joyner This #SpaSunday, we’re rewinding to a Sunday morning in April when I visited the stunning Ockenden Manor Hotel & Spa, West Sussex, where I was lucky enough to embark on a three-day transformational wellness retreat held by holistic … Continue reading The Light Retreat- Ockenden Manor Hotel & Spa >

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Moving into Autumn with Elemental Herbology Autumn is one of our favourite seasons here at Elemental Herbology. It allows us to take stock and nurture ourselves ready for the winter ahead of us. As we begin to wind down from the busy months of summer, it’s a great time to reflect and prepare for the … Continue reading All About Autumn >

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Global Wellness Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of June each year and is the perfect opportunity to ask the question, ‘How can I live a happier, healthier life?’ It’s a great time to ask how you’re feeling and what you can do to address any stress in your life. Below, we share eight … Continue reading Global Wellness Day >

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To beat the January blues we follow these 5 simple steps & exercises based on Traditional Chinese Medicine to increase energy levels to reduce stress, encourage positivity and regain focus. 1. LIE FLAT ON THE FLOOR WITH YOUR LEGS RAISED This exercise relaxes the lower and upper back which, in turn, opens the stomach meridian … Continue reading Beat the January Blues >

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NEW ARRIVALS: Bath & Body Oils The Five Elements have joined forces to help restore equilibrium and improve your wellbeing. Whatever your needs, mood and lifestyle may be, these five NEW Bath & Body Oils will strengthen and support so that you’re ready to face anything. Choose from 5 blends depending on your need to … Continue reading Meet the Elements… >


Some people call it the work-life balance – the superwoman ability to do it all: executive, mother, lover and fashionista who never eats fast food, schedules a monthly facial and does the latest fitness thing…..well! I believe it’s far more simple, more subtle. To be a real superwoman we just need to be able to … Continue reading Breathe Happy >

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While walking around my home city these last few weeks, I have begun to feel a change in the air. As the last few weeks of late Summer come to a close, it is a wonderful time to re-assess your lifestyle and skincare regime. I can do this by changing my diet, taking more time … Continue reading Change in the air >