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We believe skincare should be a part of every man’s grooming routine. Whether you’re a beginner or a skintellectual, we’ve got you covered.   Cool & Clear Facial Cleanser– £29.00 This cooling facial wash is the perfect gentle, yet effective cleanser for stressed-out skin. The invigorating properties of Tea Tree and Green Tea refresh and … Continue reading Men’s must-have’s >

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Elemental Herbology is delighted to announce a new spa partnership at The Marker Hotel, Dublin.   The Marker Spa is a luxurious, spacious spa situated in The Marker Hotel in Grand Canal Square. It features a 23-metre infinity pool, generously sized Jacuzzi, sauna and eucalyptus-infused steam room, and offers a range of award-winning massage treatments … Continue reading Spa Sunday- The Marker Hotel >

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Summertime brings in the fire element, a time of high energy and activity. Those with fire personalities are energetic and ambitious but can be prone to burnout. As the long summer days quickly approach, we’re rounding up our Summer Saviours for beautiful skin and body all summer long.   Brilliant Bodycare We love using our Fire … Continue reading Summer Saviours >

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To Celebrate Earth Day 2019, we are looking into ways in which we and our customers can protect and preserve the world we live in.   Five Elements. Five ways to make a difference.   Wood Get green and plant trees Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem, absorbing carbon dioxide and potentially harmful … Continue reading Five Elements, One Earth- Earth Day 2019 >

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With spring in the air, the change in seasons brings the perfect time to realign and restore your skin to its healthy, balanced and naturally beautiful condition.   At Elemental Herbology, we base everything we do around the Five Element Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine; a belief that all things in life, be it your … Continue reading Switch up your skincare for spring >

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Start the journey to find your element… We will look at your habits, energy levels, sleep patterns and tastes to discover which element you are most aligned with and the best products for your needs. At the end of the consultation, we will tell you what your element means and how this affects your lifestyle, from … Continue reading Be…In Your Element with our online consultation >

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Louise Riby, Managing Director Elemental Herbology         After what has seemed like the longest winter ever, Spring is finally here with us and it’s a joy to feel the warmth of the sun once again after the dark winter months. As with all season change, it is time to look at our … Continue reading Top tips for Spring skin… >

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Whether it’s a hot date, celebrating an anniversary, hanging out with friends or relaxing at home, 14th February is the perfect excuse to indulge in some you time. Follow our self-love steps and treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. The night before: Exfoliate and deeply hydrate for flawless skin and an irresistible glow. Facial Glow Radiance Peel uses fruit enzymes and … Continue reading Feel The Love >

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To beat the January blues we follow these 5 simple steps & exercises based on Traditional Chinese Medicine to increase energy levels to reduce stress, encourage positivity and regain focus. 1. LIE FLAT ON THE FLOOR WITH YOUR LEGS RAISED This exercise relaxes the lower and upper back which, in turn, opens the stomach meridian … Continue reading Beat the January Blues >

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Find all the elements for a perfect Christmas with Elemental Herbology. From skincare and body care to home fragrance and five element duos, we have everything you need to treat friends, family and loved ones this festive season. Find your element in our online consultation here. The Christmas collection… WOOD CANDLE Energises and refreshes any room … Continue reading All the Elements for a Perfect Christmas >

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Win your favourite Elemental Herbology product! Here at Elemental Herbology, we believe taking the time to do what you love is an important part of having a  healthy lifestyle and so we’re on a mission to discover what you do to be in your element and put a smile on your face. It could be … Continue reading #InYourElementEH >

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Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to improve your psychological and physical well-being. From healing wounds to clearing a stuffy nose, the uses of essential oils endless and so it comes as no surprise that they can have an effect on our mood as well. To celebrate Aromatherapy Awareness week, we have … Continue reading Celebrating Essential Oils >

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NEW ARRIVALS: Bath & Body Oils The Five Elements have joined forces to help restore equilibrium and improve your wellbeing. Whatever your needs, mood and lifestyle may be, these five NEW Bath & Body Oils will strengthen and support so that you’re ready to face anything. Choose from 5 blends depending on your need to … Continue reading Meet the Elements… >

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The Western idea of detoxing is about eating pure, raw and unaltered food and while in the warmer summer months your body can handle a higher level of raw and cold energy foods we would not necessarily recommend detoxing on raw foods during the winter. During winter our body is having to cope with an … Continue reading How to Detox During Winter >

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Here at Elemental Herbology we know how valuable essential oils are and how beneficial aromatherapy can be for so many people and situations. From frankincense to calm nerves before an exam, to rosemary to help aching muscles after a run, there isn’t much that essential oils can’t do! So to celebrate Aromatherapy Awareness Week, we’d like to take you … Continue reading Find the best oils for you >

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Spring is well and truly upon us and it’s a joy to feel the warmth of the sun once again after the dark and dingy winter months. As the seasons begin to change, so do our skin’s needs and it’s important to alter your skincare regime to reflect the change in weather, diet (we tend … Continue reading Spring skincare shake up! >

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Elemental Herbology believe that it is important to recognise that our lives are a constant state of change and flux. To maintain balance we have to consistently make conscious adjustment. By making changes to our diet, our clothing, our sleeping patterns, taking more time to rest or exercising more and adapting our skincare to meet our … Continue reading The Uses of Five Element Theory >