Get ready to ski

16th February 2016, posted by Elemental Herbology

Ski season is now upon us which means your skin will be facing the harsh elements of mountains, sun exposure and cold weather. Elemental Herbology’s Managing Director, Lou Riby, has spent many seasons on the slopes (in the past as a chalet girl) and would love to share her beauty tips and the best products that will protect skin from the harsh elements and soothe aching muscles after a day on the slopes!

Perfect Balance group SPF is essential

Containing SPF 12, Perfect Balance helps balance oil secretion whilst replenishing moisture levels, improving vitality and protecting against the environment. The silky smooth texture instantly absorbs so you can put your goggles on as soon as you apply.

Nutritive Lip complex grp Avoid painful chapped lips

Nutritive Lip Complex is a plumping and moisturising lip balm, absolutely essential on the slopes to prevent dry, chapped lips. Natural plant peptides help to plump lips while nourishing bio-oils hydrate and soothe.

Facial Souffle Grp Repair skin as you sleep

After a day outside, you skin needs a chance to repair itself and the best time to do this is while you’re sleeping. It’s always beneficial to give skin a helping hand after facing harsh conditions and Facial Soufflé from the Moisture Replenish collection is ideal. Skin is given instant hydration and helps replace lost moisture, perfect to use during the winter months or in cold conditions


Hand Nutrition group Don’t forget your hands!

While skiing, the sudden drop in temperature, icy winds and wearing gloves all day will lead to dry, chapped hands. Argan Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Organic Sacha Inchi Oil are all combined in our Hand Nutrition to create an intensively nourishing and moisturising complex of omega 3, 6 and 9 to soothe dry and chapped skin and reduce redness.


Detox Botantical Bath Infusion Feel muscle aches melt away

After an amazing day skiing you can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow, but make sure you don’t wake up with aching muscles by stretching after skiing and soaking in a hot bath. I recommend adding a Bath & Shower Oil from the Five Element Aromatherapy Collection to the tub. Each of the five oils will help you unwind and be ready for the next day on the slope. The Wood oils is especially effective at alleviating aching muscles…just what you need!

Also, if like to partake in a little apres ski, vin chaud and a fondue, don’t forget to take our magic Detox Botanical Bath Infusion Oil to alleviate the side effects.


Tree of life tub Look after your feet!

Finally, after a day outside it’s very likely that you’ll have sore feet from those frightful ski boots! I often thought that the best thing about skiing is taking them off at the end of the day!
Our Tree of Life Balm can be used on any area of the body but is especially effective when rub into sore feet. Put socks on after applying to wake up to soft and soothed feet the next day!