Find the best oils for you

10th June 2016, posted by Elemental Herbology

Here at Elemental Herbology we know how valuable essential oils are and how beneficial aromatherapy can be for so many people and situations. From frankincense to calm nerves before an exam, to rosemary to help aching muscles after a run, there isn’t much that essential oils can’t do!

So to celebrate Aromatherapy Awareness Week, we’d like to take you through each oil in the Five Element Aromatherapy Bath and Shower Oil Collection and tell you exactly how they can benefit you.

wood - Copy Wood

Rejuvenates and invigorates body and mind. Ideal for when you are feeling a little run down or fatigued, suffering with deep muscular congestion or feeling the symptoms of a cold or flu.

Rosemary – Anti inflammatory
Ho Leaf – Warms tight muscles
Nutmeg – Helps improve circulation
Lemongrass – Analgesic, a general tonic for the body



Promotes vitality, energy and clarity. The perfect tonic for jet lag, acute and chronic lethargy and mind fatigue.

Basil – Aids digestion
Sweet orange and Tangerine – Helps to energise the body

fire - Copy


Earth - Copy  


Restores equilibrium and calms and centres the mind. Perfect for those prone to emotional and physical fluctuations, such as changes in mood, energy levels and digestive and sleeping patterns.

Cedarwood – Strengthening to the body, aids lymph system and circulation
Mandarin – Circulatory stimulant, mentally uplifting
Lime – Circulatory stimulant, mentally refreshing
Bergamot – Anti-depressant, uplifting, aids circulation and digestion



Purifies and invigorates body and mind. It’s great for when you have overindulged, are feeling sluggish and run down or are suffering with poor circulation, fluid retention and cellulite.

Grapefruit – Diuretic and digestion stimulant, aids general detox
Juniper Berry –Diuretic, detoxing and stimulating to the kidneys
Rosemary – Improves circulation and aids digestion
Geranium –  Harmonising and balancing to the emotions

Metal - Copy


Water - Copy Water

Calms and nurtures those suffering with stress, worry and anxiety. This oil will help you unwind  by promoting a feeling of peace, clarity and well-being.

Rose Damask – Uplifting, euphoric and feel good oil, improves circulation
Ylang Ylang – Sensual, euphoric and anti-depressant


So it’s safe to say that no matter what your need, theres an oil out there for everyone! Click here to purchase your Five Element Aromatherapy Bath and Shower Oil Collection and discover for yourself how amazing aromatherapy can be!